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Here is some feedback following the introduction of OptiDerma® products into an Aged Care Facility…

1) Residents’ comments include “I like the feel of that on my skin” and “that is such a nice product to apply.”

2) Family members have commented on the products after seeing them in the bathrooms and have tried a little themselves!


3) Staff are happy with the application as there is no residue or odour afterwards – “our hands are lovely now, too!”


4) Feet with compromised skin integrity , particularly on the heels and toes, have had noted improvement in skin condition.


“I just wanted to say thank you on behalf of our residents at our Nursing Home . Since the addition of OptiDerma® products, in
particular the moisturiser and body wash, to our skin care regime, we have noted a marked improvement in skin conditions.
Staff report that the product absorbs beautifully and they are seeing positive outcomes in terms of resident skin care. So thank
you from all of us!”

Facility Manager at an Aged Care Facility

“As an aboriginal community nurse I deal with many skin issues on a daily basis. Recently one of our Drs attended a seminar inCairns and came back with samples of OptiDerma® Moisturising Skin Support and the Activated Healing Gel. I am very impressed with both of these products.”  

Clinical Nurse

“OptiDerma® Moisturising Skin Support has reduced the severity of my dermatitis and I no longer get flare ups every few days.”  

Received via Facebook

“I am currently at Meekatharra, WA and the air here is very dry so my hands felt and looked like sandpaper but after a few daysof using OptiDerma® products how different they are now. I love it and recommend it to everyone.”  

Received via Facebook

"I my line of work I see many conditions that can be improved by the use of OptiDerma® products...I always recommend this proven product.” 


“I suffer from Polymorphic Light Eruption (Sun Sensitivity) and was visiting a friend recently who told me to try this product on my forearm area which is now scarred due to a bad case of the condition. After just 2 days of using it, the raised lumps had gone down and my forearms looked and felt 90% better.”  

Referring to OptiDerma® Moisturising Skin Support

“I have suffered from a dry, itchy scalp for years. I have tried many shampoos and conditioners. This is the only product that has worked.”  

Referring to OptiDerma® 2 in 1 Shampoo/Conditioner

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