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​​Brendan has 13 years of experience in translating research to commercialisation. Brendan holds formal qualifications in Biomedical Engineering and Biotechnology. Brendan’s past experience at the Queensland Institute of Medical Research as the Head Scientific Technical Officer responsible for:

  • World first GMP embryonic stem cell project, designed and built a number of specialist equipment and still consults in this industry;

  • Designed and commissioned Australia’s first, pilot scale sterile filling facility;

  • Managed Multi chain Fermentation systems, first in Australia to be remotely controlled via a remote tablet/pda.

Brendan also held a position on the Bio Safety Panel for QIMR and RBH facilities. Brendan also had input into the new Australian standards for Biohazard cabinets. Brendan has established a number of Research and Development programs for a number of institutions in Queensland.

Brendan held the General Manager position for Health Focus Manufacturers (another Health Focus company) and then of Logix Corp Enterprises, before returning to Health Focus Products Australia as its R&D manager as well as a Director. After developing the Opal-A product line, Brendan transitioned from a science role to a commercial role.

Brendan’s passion is to prove that Botanical Extracts hold the key to new medicinal treatment options. This was part of the reason that Health Focus Products changed direction in its research and is now sponsoring the Indigenous Medicine Unit of the Queensland University of Technology, investigating Treatments for MRSA, Chronic Wounds and Parkinson’s disease through Indigenous Australian plants.

Brendan Butcher

  • HFPA Director

  • Director of Research and Development,

  • Director, Dermalabs International

  • Director, Inspired Natural Products

  • Adjunct Fellow QUT

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